Moder Luxery Glass Door

Moder Luxery Glass Door

Minimalistic and redbrick inland arrangement faculty get the most vantage of this neo luxuriousness solid sliding doors group from Foa Court with its laminated frosted or pied containerful dressed. This Tekno group has different fattened organisation to embellish with your ...

About Glass Sliding Door

About Glass Sliding Door

There are some great options available for sliding glass door locks that you can use to keep your sliding door safe from intruders. When people think about securing their home one of the doors that is often left out is ...

Single and Double Sliding Glass Door Design

Single and Double Sliding Glass Door Design

Single and double sliding glass door design with glass wall decoration widely are used in modern house interior design and office buildings. Office buildings usually use automatic sliding glass door ideas with electric sliding door. Luxury style sliding glass door ...


When we think about sliding doors we usually think about double doors construction. Although Tekno collection from Foa Porte has some contemporary external sliding doors made from one glass. Mostly that is laminated frosted or colored glass with glazed stainless steel technical elements. Some models also have sandblasted decorations on them. Single glass doors are very unusual addition which will [...]


Glass doors enable you to enjoy the view outside from your house. They bear similarly to a window in that aspect. Moreover, they can be used as functional doors or in the bathrooms for enjoying a shower. These doors are perfect for your house provided they are kept safe. Generally, safety is found to be an issue with most of [...]


The smooth and stylish Sail sliding door features personalised silk-screening and adjustable runners, which are attached directly to the wall, without the traditional uprights. Versatile to say the least, it goes along well with the family in the Sail collection, office range, walk-in closet, bookcase and panel wall. The adaptable Sail sliding door has a smooth, free movement, without runners along [...]

We specialize in manufacturing only two types of glass sliding doors – with aluminum frames and frameless. Different thickness of glass from 3/16” up to ¾” is available and more than 30 designs of the glass make the possibilities truly endless. Our most popular lines of product include frameless, clear-type glass, acid etch or starphire.


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